Windicus Viridis;
The Summoner;

Well… There are too many. I like to play with Vayne, Talon, Ashe and Draven, but like Jarvan, Swain, Garen, Darius, Shen, Zed, and many more. Why? Well… First of all… I fell in love with Swain. Yes. Don’t tell him, please. I don’t really know why - he’s pretty arrogant, old, selfish, etc… But I… He’s not even my type! (Jarvan IV is :D) And the others? Because… they are special to me c:

And Vayne! Oh, how much I love Vayne! She’s the reason I started with League! (I love her Vindicator skin… she looks asimilar to me c:) And… Yes.

And for now, I am obssesed with Draven. Everything should be Draven. (Yes, Draven is even a verb now.) I can’t help it. I adore him. He makes me smile all the time and that’s why.
If anyone would like to know full list of my favourite champions, just say so :D

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